The Mediterranean Muse

When you think of me, imagine nectarines and slow mornings in a Mediterranean villa. Imagine drops of salt water falling slowly on a thin, tanned waist, a smile hidden behind a book by Frances Mayes…

I’m Aina. Your fresh Mediterranean allure, striking a balance between the perfect girlfriend and a captivating femme fatale. A blend of elegance, intellect, and spirited charm. With sun-kissed legs that stride in designer shoes, I’m ever-prepared to savor a Cabernet alongside a discerning gentleman or an adventurous couple — after all, there’s a certain magic to the number three.


Curious about “Aina”? It’s the sultry whisper of Catalonia, akin to “Anna” or “Hanna.” Stumble on its syllables? Our clandestine moments could be your lessons.

I was born 25 years ago in the center of BarcelonaI, a city that made me love art, wine, the hustle and bustle of the street markets and the crowd, but I grew up on the warm shores of the Mediterranean Sea, between the familiar vineyards and hidden coves and my free spirit has guided my travel all over the world. Perhaps my next adventure will be with you.

Gifted with a captivating blend of Italian elegance and Northern European mystique, my towering stature and long-legged grace hint at my past life as a model. Emerald eyes that promise depths of intrigue, combined with an hourglass silhouette that whispers of timeless allure. With measurements that beckon a second glance, it’s no wonder your thoughts linger on exploring every curve. And while you’re caught in the allure, let my smile remind you of the subtle danger that lies in succumbing to temptation.

Diving deep into Psychology, my true passions run wild and free. Fitness is my daily ritual, grounding me. I’m undeniably drawn to the sea, with the winds calling me to sail and the depths inviting me to explore. I’ve got my advanced scuba license and have ventured into all seven seas. The thrill of these adventures? Unbeatable. And yes, I’m secretly hoping for more dates that whisk me away to the waters, be it sailing or diving.

When I’m not out at sea, you’ll often find me engrossed in a good book. Whether it’s diving into philosophy, getting lost in a noir mystery, savoring poetry, or relishing in fiction realism, I’m always on a quest for more knowledge and tales.

Of course, food’s a big love too. I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen as much as I cherish ticking off restaurants from the Michelin list. Every dish, a new story. Every flavor, a new adventure.

Creating an undeniable chemistry is what I do best. Imagine us, enveloped in the intoxicating scent of jasmine, sharing a massage, or indulging in a glass of Sauvignon amidst a luxurious bubble bath. Picture delicate sashimi, transitioning seamlessly from my fingertips to your lips. Know that a kiss from me, before or after, is a playful tease, an invitation. For me, companionship transcends the physical; it’s about being a confidant, a passionate lover, and a trusted friend.

To entwine with my heart, accompany me to art’s latest shrine, or a musical escapade, or perhaps challenge me on the tennis court. I delight in city strolls as the sun bids adieu or the simple pleasure of entangled Netflix evenings.

In our time together, expect an exclusive girlfriend experience, where intimacy meets genuine connection. Publicly, I may echo the grace of a Spanish señorita, but in our private theatre, the script gets more risqué. The details? Ah, some stories are better whispered than told.


  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5 ft 9
  • Body Type: Slim soft toned hourglass silhouette.
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
  • Cup Size: 95C
  • Dress Size: S
  • Shoe Size: ES 41
  • Eyes: Emerald
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Piercings: Belly button
  • Tattoos: few and small
  • Drinks: Water, White Wine, Coffee, Gin


There are rules at any party. Here you’ll find mine, read it carefully to avoid misunderstandings.

  1. My rates aren’t negotiable.
  2. The deposit is also non-negotiable and it has to be sent immediately to secure the date. Without the deposit our date isn’t confirmed.
  3. Don’t ask me for additional photos or selfies. My privacy and security are very important to me. If you want to see more content you are free to subscribe to my Onlyfans. 
  4. The donation must be given during the first 15 minutes. If our date starts in a public place, please put it in an envelope or similar and give it to me discreetly. Please avoid putting me in a position to remind you about it. 
  5. On overnight dates, a 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is needed. Also on 24h or longer dates I’d require at least 1 free hour per day for yoga and personal / administration things. 
  6. It is expected that you will take care of all expenses related to food and activities.
  7. At least 15 days in advance, 50% of the deposit will be refunded
  8. Within 15 days of our meeting, the deposit will not be refunded under any circumstances but can be reschedule.

  9. Any travel expenses that may have been incurred in preparation for our meeting, such as the prepayment for accommodation and/or flight tickets cannot be refunded.

Companionship & Kinks

An introduction

1h 400
2h 700

This marks the beginning of our sensual journey, so let’s dive deep into the mystery of each other. We’ll let our dialogue weave a tempting dance over cocktails at a penthouse lounge, before we slowly transition into our primal pursuit, igniting our ephemeral yet intense connection.

Dinner/lunch/brunch dates

3h  900
4h 1100
6h 1300

My ideal rendezvous. Allow me the pleasure of introducing you to my most cherished dining establishments. We’ll indulge in a gastronomic experience that tantalizes our senses, a meal that merges sensuality and taste, before we succumb to the desire to devour each other in a dance of passion.


up to 12h: 2000

An enticing evening awaits, marked by an exquisite dining experience before we retreat to the hotel to share a night of intimacy. This is an ideal scenario for gentlemen with an early start, ensuring a sound slumber of 6-8 hours amidst a haven of shared warmth and allure.

Extended Overnight 

up to 14h: 2300
up to 18h: 2600

Let’s fully immerse ourselves in the luxury of an unending night. After savoring a scrumptious dinner that kindles our hidden cravings, we’ll find ourselves ensnared in a timeless dance, tempting each other with whispered promises amid kisses and gentle strokes, surrendering to the rhythm of our instincts. And what about a morning reprieve, enjoying breakfast nestled amidst soft sheets, interspersed with shared stories and joyful laughter?


3000 €

This is a moment for us to bask in an intoxicating blend of allure and tenderness, a luxury only fit for those who, like myself, relish life’s indulgences. Consider me your companion to high-profile corporate events, indulge me in a boutique shopping spree, and in reciprocity, I’ll shower you with affection at our hotel retreat. We could find our thrills at an amusement park or luxuriate in a spa day… The spectrum of possibilities is truly boundless!

48h weekend of pleasure


How about we escape the ordinary and plunge into a captivating weekend adventure together? We could journey to the romantic heart of Paris or explore the rich history and gastronomy of Italy. If you’re inclined towards adrenaline, we might even go scuba diving, discovering a whole new underwater world side by side. Alternatively, a serene spa weekend could be our shared retreat, where pampering and relaxation take center stage. For those with a taste for the frosty thrill of the slopes, a skiing trip could be our shared delight. After all, I revel in living out dreams and would love nothing more than to do so with you by my side.


2h 1000 / 3h 1300

Dinner and lunch dates: Add 200€

Overnight: Add 500€

 Bondage | Body Worship | Foot fetish | Financial Domination | Ball, Cock & Nipple Torture | Humiliation | Pet Play | Tie & Tease | Anal  | Fisting | Orgasm Denial | Forced Feminisation | Human Furniture | Smoking Fetish | Age gaping| Sensory Deprivation | Golden Shower



I do not provide dates in my own apartment, but I will be happy to book a hotel room for you if necessary. In that case, you will have to cover the costs of the room. Also, in Barcelona there are rooms by the hour in the downtown.


I am willing to arrange meetings at hotels with 4* or higher or in upscale residences. However, if the location is outside the downtown Barcelona area, a minimum of 3 hours is required and extra charges may apply for travel expenses.


It’s essential to have 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and allow time for breakfast. For extended dates lasting 24h or more I request a minimum of 1 free hour for personal activities such as yoga or administrative tasks. While it’s not mandatory, providing me with my own room is highly recommended and appreciated for any extended engagement, as it significantly enhances the overall experience for both parties.


To confirm all bookings, I require a 30% deposit. For FMTY or dates outside of Barcelona, a 50% deposit is required plus the travel expenses.

Regrettably, any incurred travel expenses related to our scheduled meeting, including prepayments for accommodations and/or flight tickets, are non-refundable.

I understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise. If you need to cancel our appointment and provide notice at least 15 days in advance, 50% of your deposit will be refunded. However, if you cancel within 15 days of our meeting, your deposit won’t be refunded, but can be applied to a rescheduled date.


Screening procedures are a necessary step in getting to know new acquaintances. To ensure a comfortable connection, I kindly ask for the following details:

  • Your complete legal name, along with your age and current city of residence.
  • Your email address and contact phone number.

Additionally, please provide either of the following:

  • Two or more references from independent providers you’ve met within the last year. Include their names, email addresses, and websites.
  • Work verification, such as a link to your LinkedIn profile.
  • A photograph of you holding your government-issued ID.

These measures are in place to prioritize my personal security and overall peace of mind. I’m only able to proceed with arrangements once these screening requirements are met. After filling out the contact form, kindly forward the necessary documents to Please be assured that all information is treated with the utmost confidentiality. Any shared data will be handled discreetly and promptly discarded following our meeting.




Up to 2 hours

GBP 800 / USD 1,400 / CAD 1,700 / AED 4,000


Up to 4 hours 

GBP 1,100 / USD 2,000 / CAD 2,500 / AED 6,000

Up to 6 hours 

GBP 1,400 / USD 2,800 / CAD 3,700 / AED 7500



Up to 12 hours

GBP 2,500 / USD 4,500 / CAD 5,500 / AED 10,000

Up to 18 hours

GBP 2,700 / USD 5,000 / CAD 6,500 / AED 12,000


Up to 24 hours

GBP 3,000 / USD 6,500 / CAD 9,000 / AED 14,000


Up to 48 hours

GBP 4,300 / USD 10,000 / CAD 13,000 / AED 22,000


If you want to contact me for any questions or to make a reservation, write me a WhatsApp at +34 684 31 87 02, you can also fill out the following contact form or send me an email to

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Although it is not necessary to meet me, a gift is always welcome! Here are some ideas that I might like.


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